Lu can now see clients in Boulder for Advanced Rolfing® sessions at 3333 Iris Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. Please schedule a phone call first to discuss your needs. 
The “First Visit” costs $95. Follow-ups are $180. One session takes about 75min and includes a short evaluation, deep tissue bodywork, and short movement integration. 

The First Visit is at a discounted rate to make it easy for clients to experience Rolfing® by an Advanced practitioner, get relief for current symptoms, and to discuss further treatments if needed. 

Lu can refer to her network of Rolfers as well as the Rolf Institute’s clinic where clients receive treatments by students for $25 per session. 

Please schedule a free consultation by phone to discuss details. 


Lu began her career as a uniquely skilled bodyworker at a college for naturopathic medicine in Germany, where she continues to hold a physician’s license today. Influences of her work came from osteopathic manual therapy, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, and corrective exercises. Mostly, Lu combined acupuncture with manual therapy techniques in her naturopathic practice, and taught exercises as homework for her patients.

2006-2008 she was studying at the Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado and Sao Paulo, Brazil. When she was ready to start her practice in the US, Lu chose to set up a bigger clinic in Orlando, Florida, with the goal of providing excellent massage therapists with a place to work that is decidedly “not a spa”.

Lu Mueller-Kaul is a board-approved provider of continuing education for massage therapists in Florida, but also instructs PTs, OTs, LMTs, and chiropractors in applying manual therapy techniques for instant results (MyoMob and Structural Integration) in 15 more states.

Outside of her medical career, Lu has always been passionate about co-housing and co-living (TEDx talk 2018), and has been a leader in the Central Florida LGBT and business communities (Chamber president for the term of 2016/17).


If you’d like to discuss problems with musculoskeletal pain and treatment options with Lu, she can do phone or Zoom consultations from anywhere. Just use the link below. A first consultation by phone is free. 

Fellow therapists can also schedule calls and discuss business matters, Lu is always happy to hear from colleagues and students. 

The bodywork clinic Balance Orlando, founded by Lu, is now managed by Sondra Warner of Empower Yoga (link with a Rolfer, several highly educated and experienced manual therapists of advanced modalities, and office staff on site seven days a week. Lu herself comes to consult, see clients, and mentor therapists every 8-10 weeks, otherwise she has now moved to Boulder, CO, and teaches at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute ( 

Mentoring and coaching fellow therapists is very important and rewarding to Lu, but she is also seeing her own clients in the Denver/Boulder areas and provides home visits from as an Advanced Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® practitioner.below

Founded by Lu in 2013

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Founded by Lu in 2008

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